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Advantages and Disadvantages of Building on your Own

If you have decided to build your own house, you may consider on two types of homes: custom and semi-custom.

Custom Homes

Custom home is type of property which was built and designed for a specific client. In order to build such type of property you should purchase a land and then to hire an architect and home builder. You will have to make many decisions and spend lots of time for research in order to build a house that meets your requirements.

Advantages of Custom Homes

- As the homeowner you will have full control over the function and quality of your new home.

- Every feature and other products of the house will be chosen by you.

- These homes have unique design, as they were built specifically for you.

- The quality and functionality of your home depends on your preferences.

Disadvantages of Custom Homes

- Building of a custom home may be costly of you have chosen exclusive features and products.

- It is more complicated to build proper custom house and it requires more time.

- If you do not have an architect you should consider additional costs.

- It may be more difficult to finance it.

- These type of property may decrease in value faster than traditional one.

Semi-custom Homes

For the semi-custom homes the builder provides you pre-designed style of house and floor plans, and you choose the one that fits your housing preferences better. You may choose products and features for your house within the budget set by the builder. If you decide to choose a product which exceeds established amount, you will pay the difference from your pocket.

Advantages of Semi-custom Homes

- You will have a house that meets your requirements without developing hustle.

- With an opportunity to choose products and features within established amount, you will design your house as you wish and will not go over budget.

- The cost of finishing per square foot is less, than in custom made home.

-  Some people feel safer to build a house that already has pre-designed home style and floor plans.

Disadvantages of Semi-custom Homes

- If you work with set budget you may have to scarify on products or house style.

- Similarly, quality and functionality of your house may be compromised.

- Modifications of this property will cause you to spend more money than was originally expected.

There are some advantages and disadvantages on both types of homes, although it is more vital to consider of desired home specifications. Does the uniqueness fit into your budget? Do you have sufficient amount of time for this project? These and other questions will help you to make a decision on the type of home you wish to build.

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