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Advantages and Disadvantages of Ready-built Projects

When deciding to move to your own house or office, buying a ready build project can be extremely advantageous. However since you do not participate in the building procedure there should be some disadvantages also.

The first think that comes in our mind when hearing about a ready build project is that we do not need to be involved in the construction procedure. A ready build home or business building can save you from the troubles and frustration of having to contact the related people and companies to build step by step the building that will house your dreams. Visiting several stores to choose appliances, railings, flooring, tiles and bath accessories can be really tiring and time consuming. All these can be chosen from the developer who can also get everything in special prices.

Colours are usually in neutral tones that fit well with almost any style of furniture. Builders usually include a standard package of cost-effective appliances and options, and many buyers later upgrade items, such as light fixtures according to their personal taste. Sometimes the builder will include expensive extras, such as fireplaces and granite counters that are offered at no additional charge. New build homes offer owners the opportunity to be directly involved in the decorating process, the convenience and comfort of a new and clean place to live, and the opportunity to contribute to a safer, more energy-efficient environment.

Buying a ready build project early before it is completely finished can be an excellent move for those who want to choose the finishes of their property. The buyers at this point can select the colours, styles, and materials used to complete the house or office they bought. They can even pick a floor plan or make structural changes before it becomes an expensive and time-consuming intention. Therefore, buyers can eliminate costly fittings before they are added to the home, or they can request custom touches that the builder might not have included. Buying a ready build house or business building just before it is finished makes it easier to control the budget and to make adjustments.

New homes are clean and shiny so the buyers also, have the peace of mind that comes with being able to move directly into a house without worrying about cleaning mouldy grout or replacing worn carpets and scratched doors. The cleaning process of an old house or building can be quite tiring, time consuming and costly.  

Further more, a new build property has the advantage of being ready for use immediately. There is no need to pay rent while waiting for previous occupants to move out or to clean up after previous owners. You do not need to wait until the necessary renovation is finished. Once you have paid deposit and the key is being delivered to you, you can move your belongings and start arranging everything as you wish. The money you were spending previously on rent can cover for your down payments plus that you own the place.

Ready build homes have guarantee for any damages for a predefined period after purchase. If any problem occurs with your pluming or if something brakes out of natural cause or due to inappropriate installation during construction the builder is obligated to replace what is broken and the damages caused by the inappropriate construction method. This makes the owners feel that they made a safe purchase.

The disadvantages of buying a ready build project are so many but they still affect the buyer. Something you may realise is that the decoration, architectural design, selection of the developer in tiles, finishes, colours, appliances, lighting etc. may not meet completely your taste and needs so that either you will have to compromise or to start making changes that will cost you extra money. The bad thing is that little things can change with the architectural design, but if you have patience you can do many things to improve your spaces.

Most of the developers when it comes to ready built homes they reproduce a standard design for more than one homes, producing almost identical homes. This can only be a disadvantage for those people who have dreamt to have a unique home.

In some cases the price may be a little higher than the actual cost of the house. Even if developers usually get all materials and fittings in lower prices, they may increase the price to make some profit which is expected. Be careful to check if the property you are about to buy is worth the price!

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