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Approval by the Council of Ministers

If you are a foreign national, you will need to obtain approval for the Council of Ministers to own property in Cyprus. To do so, you will need to ask your legal representative to complete and submit a relevant application form. Your lawyer will also need to submit to the local District Office information about yourself as well as all the relevant details concerning the property you wish to buy.

In their turn, the District Office will appoint one of their officers to proceed with further enquires before handing in their final report for the consideration of the Council of Ministers. During the process of gaining the appropriate approval, you have the right to take possession of the property, as any contract that has been signed by you and has been deposited at the Land Registry for Specific Performance is considered valid.

After the Council of Ministers notifies the District Officer of their decision, the latter will send you either a letter of approval (ie a permit) or refusal. It’s worth noting however, that it’s rather unusual for the Council of Ministers to decline an application made by a genuine foreign national.

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