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Ask for the Help of Cyprus Lawyer or Consultant

If you are unfamiliar with local system and if you do not have an experience in buying a property in Cyprus, you may have some problems. That's why it is essential to seek legal advice. The lawyer will ensure that your position is fully protected. Though you have to seek for an independent lawyer and to ensure that he is acting in your interests.

Most of the people prefer to use a lawyer that was recommended them by a developer, although this is their biggest mistake! Another mistake is to seek for a free legal services,provided by a different companies.

If you are not living in Cyprus, you may not be aware of Cyprus business culture, as well as you may not know, that most of the lawyers protect developers interests.

It is obvious that many property developers have financial and business interests with Cyprus lawyers.

Perharps all mentioned above will help you to understand local business ethics and lead you to the point to seek an independent, honest legal advice.

If you really want to avoid legal problems and to exclude the risk of losing your money when buying a property in Cyprus, you should consult to a lawyer.

When you seek for a lawyer, take this advice into consideration:

1. Speak to an independent lawyer before you sign any papers and do not hand over money.

2. Do not use a lawyer, recommended by your developer.

3. Do not trust free legal services.

4. Do not use a lawyer, recommended by a company marketing overseas property in Cyprus.

5. Do not use lawyer, if his company cannot carry sufficient level of Professional Indemnity Insurance.


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