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Benefits of New Property in Cyprus

Many of you planning to relocate to Cyprus may confront the dilemma to choose between buying a new build or a resale property. This article presents to you the benefits of a new build property.

The fact that new build properties are build according to the most up to date building regulations and standards gives the buyer a peace of mind regarding the quality and safety of the construction. Further more the building is more likely to abide by the contemporary standards regarding energy efficiency, insulation, accessibility to the building as well as the indoor mobility.

More and more people nowadays become sensitive regarding the loss of energy and prefer to install energy efficient and energy saving appliances in their homes. A new build home could be as much as 50% more energy efficient than an older property. Many developers and environmentally aware individuals choose alternative ways of heating, which use less energy and therefore are more friendly to the environment. This could prove to save money in a long term basis since the high cost of fuels consumed for heating is dramatically rising. Additionally the plumbing and sewerage will be more efficient and more resistant to weather conditions. With new homes now being built to a higher, more green and energy efficient standard you can make substantial savings in utility costs.

Insulation is a very important point to consider when buying a property. This days almost every new build property features a quality wall and roof insulation. On one hand this will ensure you enjoy a soundproof environment at home. Again on the other hand you will be glad to find out that your property is not threatened by damp. In Cyprus new properties are constructed with a damp proof course built into walls to protect the house from rising and penetrating damp.

Nowadays majority of architects and developers take into account the need of people with disabilities for unhindered mobility. In order to cover this need architects adapt the design to enhance accessibility to the house but also through the house. If you are a wheel chair user, a new build property should give easier access, as mobility is one of the features taken into account when designing a new property.  At the same time it can be costly or at times impractical to try to re-design an older house and to make it suitable for elderly or disabled persons. In our modern society accessibility is not only restricted to mobility access in a home. Technological developments have provided the market with home automation systems. A central control panel or even a remote control can help you have access to several electrical appliances in your house when you are not able to reach them physically. Living a new build property with all the accessibility comforts allows you to be independent and capable of carrying out several everyday tasks.

Compared to resale properties, most of the new build properties are built to meet thorough safety standards. The security measures of a new build home will generally include British standard lever locks to main doors and windows as well as a burglar alarm. In new build properties doors are in most cases fitted with a chain or bar and have a door viewer. All the glass panels are made of laminated glass and all outside access doors are secured by automatic or mortise deadlocks. Nowadays alarm security systems are not a luxury featured only in a few homes. The majority of the new build properties are secured by an alarm and even if the construction company did not install any alarm it is almost certain that the property is pre-wired allowing you to easily install an alarm system at a later stage.

Taking a closer look at an older property you will find there might be a rotten window at the back of the house that would not resist to pressure or a side door that could be opened without any signs of fracture. Along with security measures come safety measures which are kind of mandatory these days. Smoke alarms, fire exits and external staircases are very important and are taken into consideration during the designing process.

An important benefit of purchasing a newer property, is the fact that in a few years there will be less maintenance involved than an older property. Buying a new build property you can avoid repairs, as all fittings and appliances are new and made to last longer. When buying a new build property you will be given a certain warranty for that will cover for damages due to bad construction, such as drainage and structural defects. Knowing who is the developer of the property is necessary in order to refer to the company in case a problem occurs. At the same time all the electrical appliances in the house are new and are covered by the manufacturer's warranties for some years.

Buying a new build home is also about what extra amenities it features compared to an older house. Walk-in closets, soaking bath tubs, en suite bedrooms, smart storing places, or even house networking are now considered to be standard amenities for a new house. After a brief search in the market you will find that top companies can already display developments up to the standard of the house of the future.

A new house is really your home! Everything is new and smells like new! You will avoid any effort to remove old stains in the kitchen, or the mold in the bathroom. The design is more likely to meet modern lifestyle and it is easier to furnish the house according to your taste. Also the flooring, the bathroom tiles and other finishes are bound to be closer to your taste as they  will have a more contemporary design. For those who would prefer to leave in a house with a traditional style there are several new build properties designed to meet the architectural style of an old house.

Last but not least is the fact that new build homes are more attractive to home buyers in case you want to sell. You never know what might be the reason to push you to relocate for the second time. Selling back your new home will be the first thing to consider as this will pay you back a large proportion of your money. New homes are easier to sell for all those reasons we described above. It is always good to know that you can have a quick sale when something goes wrong or you have a change of plans.


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