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Building Density

After you have found and purchased the ideal plot and made all the necessary arrangements regarding the utility connections you need to proceed with the construction permits. However planning permission will only be granted to you if your plans abide by the planning rules in Cyprus. Before filing an application to the appropriate authorities there are some important information you should be aware of, such as the Building Density Factor in Cyprus, which applies on every type of building.

Building Density refers to the percentage of land area which can be build on. Nevertheless the area which is allowed to be build on the plot is actually the covered area. Specifically the covered area consists of not only the interior space of the building but also any covered verandas where there is a roof providing shade. Garages with a build roof are also included in the covered area even though technically they are outside the house. Any uncovered verandas, paths or swimming pools with no roof over them are not included in the covered area.

Moreover the Building Density Factor applies to all plots regardless the planning zone they fall into. Despite that, you should know that the building factor is different between the various zones. In case you are planning to build a home you are only interested in residential and agricultural zones. Due to the Government's effort to preserve green belt areas agricultural plots have a considerably lower factor than the residential plots, as they are located in a rural or an environmentally sensitive area.

Furthermore, the Building Density Factor can be limited or zero in some certain types of land with special characteristics such as wetlands, woodlands, rare and endangered species’ habitats, areas with historic character or close to archaeological sites, prime agricultural soils, groundwater availability, floodplains and septic suitability. This is an action taken by the Government in order to protect sensitive areas and to ensure any building is only build in safe areas.

It is important to mention that buildings in high building density areas have more value than those in low building density areas. The above statement occurs from the relationship between supply and demand as the more people are interested in buildings located in a specific area, the more the price of a building is rising.

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