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CIPA And Land Developers Agreed Turn To The Markets Abroad

To coordinate their actions and take joint efforts towards the effective promotion of our country abroad, with the aim of attracting large foreign investments, was the agreement made during a meeting between CIPA and Cyprus Association of Land Developers and Builders.

The delegations of the two organizations, led by their President Christodoulos Angastiniotis and Pantelis Leptos, undertook an analysis of the competitive international environment in which CIPA and the members of the Pancyprian Association of Land Developers and Builders operate, as well as an analysis of the opportunities and challenges before which the island's economy stands and of the efforts to attract foreign investment.

Also, the issue of projection of major development projects on the island, abroad, was discussed in detail . The delegation of Land Developers expressed the view that the projects to be displayed must meet certain minimum criteria, most importantly their permits by the authorities.

After the meeting, Mr Leptos said that "openness is the key word that fits our culture and has been confirmed in practice in recent decades. This will be our strategic direction through the evolution of our product, procedures and legislation. We believe that in this effort, CIPA has to play a very important role and therefore should be supported and strengthened by the government. "