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Common Ownership Law

The owner is bound to the other owners in the building/area and is responsible to contribute his share towards the total general expenses relating to the maintenance, operation, cleaning, repairing or replacement in Common Areas. This contribution is mandatory under the law of Common Ownership in Cyprus no.6/(I) of 1993.

1. It is obligatory to pay the expenses of the common areas upon the presentation of the costs. Accordingly to the Section 381A - (1) of the law the owner of the property shares the common expenses depending to the extent of each unit.

2. If the owner does not wish to cover the common expenses the Administrator Committee has the right to sue the owner (Section 381A- (2) of the law)

3. The Administrative Committee should insure the properties that include common areas for Earthquake-Fire-Thunder as it was mentioned in Section 381B- (1) of the law.

4. Structure of more than 5 units should have an Administrative Committee (Section 38KB of the law)

5. The Administrative Committee should act on behalf of the property owners and is obliged to implement all regulations and rules according to the law

6. The owner of the property may have some internal changes in his property, if it:

a) Does not confine the rights of other owners;

b) Does not affect common areas;

c) Does not affect external walls of the project or the whole appearance of the project.

The owner of the property should inform Administrative Committee prior to any changes.

7. The owner of the property is not allowed:

a) to change the look of the property on such a way that may influence the enjoyment of the other owners;

b) to use property for illegal purposes;

c) to change the use of the property;

d) to create noise that may disturb other people;

e) to store and to use any chemicals that may case health problems;

f) to keep animals that create noise;

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