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Cyprus Industrial Land

When deciding to establish your own company with activity in field of industry, not every piece of land is available for industrial use. Whether you want to build warehouses, factories, packing and food technologies institutes, heavy or light manufacturing buildings, industrial parks and research and development parks, you are only allowed to find land which is situated within the industrial estate of the area.

Ideal Location

There might be more than one industrial estate within range in one city. The criteria by which you can select the best area for your business is according to your products or services the need to be close to the harbour or the airport, but also the need to be close to the suppliers of  raw materials, goods and accessories that are vital to your business. This is important as it can save you a lot on daily transportation and moving costs. On the other hand if you plan to have a showroom casting your products, for example furniture you may prefer to choose an industrial plot which is situated close to the competitor’s premises.

The Risks of Brownfield Land

Remember that industrial land sale can sometimes be tricky. For example, if you found industrial brownfield land, you would need to consider the cost and time involved for cleanup and decontamination. A brownfield site is land previously used for industrial purposes or certain commercial uses. The land may be contaminated by low concentrations of harmful waste or pollution, and has the potential to be reused safely only once it is cleaned up. Land that is more severely contaminated and has high concentrations of hazardous waste or pollution, does not fall under the brownfield classification.

Generally, brownfield sites exist in a city's or town's industrial section, on locations with abandoned factories or commercial buildings, or other previously polluting operations. Small brownfields also may be found in many older residential neighborhoods. For example, many dry cleaning establishments or gas stations produced high levels of subsurface contaminants during past operations, and the land they occupy might stay unoccupied for decades as a brownfield. Again if you decide to purchase a brownfield land it is critical to advise a geotechnical engineer who will be responsible for the analysis of the soil and will help you decontaminate the parcel of land.

Take Professional Advice

Usually, people who are interested in buying industrial land, many times face lack of knowledge on the local industrial land rules, regulations and ownership of the land. This makes the process even complicated and increases the danger of a bad investment. However advice from a licensed estate agent and a lawyer will be quite useful and in some cases necessary.

The above information will help you make a good market research before putting your money into some property and get what you expect and what you deserve instead of ending up with a piece of industrial land that will do nothing to help further the growth and success of your business.

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