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Cyprus Investment Strategies

There are several property investment strategies, and you have to consider seriously while selecting the right one for you. Your investment strategy choice is a key factor that will determine the location and type of property that you invest in. Generally, in Cyprus there are three main Investment Strategies.

Buy to Sell:

You may buy property off-plan before the development process will begin, and then to sell it at its completion and to realize the capital growth gained during the development cycle. By investing 20% of the property price on signing contracts and with yearly property growth of 10-15%, you can have a 20- 32% gain on the value of the property during the development period, equating to over a 100% return on the investment you have made. If you want to use this investment strategy, then select a high quality, appealing property in a prosperous, high growth area, that is easy to sell and close to all amenities. Small exclusive developments are usually in higher demand.

Buy to Rent:

Buy to let is similar to buy to sell strategy and involves buying off-plan prior to development and then the owner holds his property at completion for letting purposes, having both benefits: capital growth and income. With the proper developments, the rental income should cover the cost of mortgages and property management, so you can have long term capital gain without further investment. High quality apartments with all facilities and close to amenities, such as: restaurants, bars and shops or high quality three bedroom villas next to all popular areas and facilities, with great views are the best suited for renting.

Buy to Live:

Purchasing your dream home in one of the most amazing and friendly environments in the world, whether you are planning to make it your permanent residence or a holiday retreat, signifies not just a lifestyle, but also a smart capital growth investment. This strategy relies mostly on your personal taste, although location and the level of quality and will determine the long term growth that will be attained.

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