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Cyprus Mountain Villas

The impressive mountains of Troodos attain an altitude of higher than 19000 meters… what else can be greater than having Cyprus Mountain Villas that were built at the mountainous areas. They are perfect for nature enthusiasts who want to have a tranquil place to stay in. Villas in Troodos are ideal for winter summer months.

The life in the Troodos Mountains is peaceful and very relaxing. In the summer the mountains use as a cool resort to escape from the summer heat and in the winter the mountains offer skiing facilities. Skiing is a very popular activity in the winter months, usually between January and March in the Troodos.

There are many villas in Cyprus Mountains surrounded by pine trees allowing you to breathe in fresh air and to have a meal in the balcony while enjoying the Mountain View.

The Troodos mountains are very picturesque, with many birds and butterflies, inviting you to explore more of the tiny villages that just appear of the side of a mountain.

The other advantages to have mountain villa are the surrounding villages, offering wine tasting, as well as nature walks and Byzantine monasteries. This unique opportunity is available only for owners of Cyprus Mountain Villas. All these unique villas usually come in various prices. The price of mountain villa depends on to main factors: the type of the villa and the current market rate. The quality of life and status of Cyprus are just one of the few factors that make this country a perfect place to invest in a property or settle for good.

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