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Cyprus Office Space

If you are looking for a place to house your company in Cyprus, there are many office spaces that will suit your needs. A decision bound to affect you and your business for many years to come, finding the right office space may be frustrating. First you have to decide which city is most beneficial for your company according to the kind of business it is involved. For example the offices of a shipping company would be best catered in coastal cities rather than in the capital. In each city there are several buildings featuring multiple offices, which are facilitated with all of the modern technological services and benefits.

You may choose to occupy a conventional office space that is available and take advantage of the location – older buildings are situated in prime locations of the business world in each city – so as to facilitate your business in the best way. For example it is important and convenient for a law firm to be located within walking distance from the Courts but it is difficult to find a new build office space, that close. Further more, it is highly expected that banks, embassies, Government buildings and other organisations that deal you’re your company, will be situated within walking distance from these older office buildings, which are maintained in a very good condition and can be easily brought up to date.

A very good solution would be to choose an office space in an office building. According to your needs you can find office space in the heart of each city, in business centres or close to port or airport. Location is important in order to service the interests of your company. In the urban centres there are several newly constructed buildings that feature all of the modern conveniences you have come to expect from office complexes.

When it comes to services, you will find that many office buildings have all you are looking for and more. Many different office facilities such as full furnishings, meeting room access, board rooms, virtual offices, and a reception area, will unload quite enough burdens from the frustration of starting up a company or even moving your existing company in a new place. You can rest assure that majority of the new build office buildings also have the modern technological conveniences as well, such as a high speed internet connection, video conferencing but also high security so you can be sure that you and your business will be safe. Most of the times amenities include: on site parking, 24 hour building access, lifts, access for the disabled and a restaurant or cafeteria. Not to forget facilities are accompanied by comfortable, spacious and stylish offices.

More and more businesses decide to use serviced offices. Serviced offices are ideal for single owner businesses as well as international companies employing proximately a 100 people. Thus serviced offices allow businesses to adapt space coverage on short notice. It also saves you from the responsibility of dealing with practical matters, allowing you to focus on your core competencies. Everything else is done by the friendly staff of a fully manned reception. Saving money is being achieved as the rent includes almost all the costs of operating an office, so there are no unexpected expenses such as photocopier maintenance or renovations.

Even though Cyprus is an island, when it comes to office space, there are quite enough options to facilitate your business and keep you satisfied.

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