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Cyprus Rental Rates

Rates differ according to the region, season, and the quality and the size of a property.

A standard apartment or townhouse in an average area can be let for €500 (low season) and €850 (high season) per week.

Most people who let property year round have different rates, depending on the season. The peak season usually comprises the months of July and August and most probably the first two weeks of September. Mid-season usually includes June, last 2 weeks of September, October, and then Easter and Christmas/New Year periods, when rents are about 25 % lower than in the high season. The rest of the year is classified as the low season. In the low season that extends from October to May rates are usually up to 50 % lower than in the high season.

Note that these rates usually comprise linen, gas and electricity, while electricity and gas are usually charged separately for long lets in winter.

If you want to get an idea of the rent you can charge, simply call a few letting agencies and ask them how much it would cost to rent a property such as yours at the season you are planning to let it. Most probably they will tell you the highest possible rent, so this should be properly adjusted. You may also check advertisements, given by other owners renting their property.

How to Increase Your Rental Income

You may increase your rental income by offering special package holidays – which can be organized together with local businesses or tour operators – to expand the attraction and accommodate for larger parties.

These packages may include:

- Activity holidays: golf, tennis, cycling or hiking;

- Wine, cooking and gastronomy tours;

- Arts and crafts tours such as painting, photography, sculpture and writing courses.

You may not be an expert in such tours, but you may employ somebody that knows it and will do it for you.

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