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Cyprus Village Houses

Buying old village houses in Cyprus

There are hundreds of villages around Cyprus varying in size and location. In some remote villages you may see only your neighbours and possibly a lost tourist, occasionally arrived in the village.

In fact village house is an ideal home for the one who wishes to immerse himself in the Cypriot culture.

Many people tend to buy and an old village house and restore it to its former glory.

Even though foreigners are not so welcomed by some of the local villagers, they may still bring new life into a community and revive a village by bringing economic benefits.

Finding old village houses for sale

If you wish to buy an old house and renovate it visit villages in the area you prefer and speak with local residents and a village mukhtar regarding property availability.

Few years ago, when old village houses were not so popular, you could find a real bargain. Nowadays these properties are rare and expensive, though you may still find a charming and a good quality house in remote villages that are not so popular among foreign buyers.

Buying an old house check the ownership as property may have many owners (family members) that share the house.

It is usual to find family members, including aunts, cousins and other relatives who share the house. Another problem is that not all the owners may want to sell a house. Some of them would like to keep it due to their memories, and your intention to buy this property may lead to family disputes.

Points to consider when buying an old house:

- Before you consider to purchase an old house confirm that you may renovate the building.

- Get all the quotations for the renovation works, additions and improvements you would like to have;

- Ask an advice of an architect, who specializes in renovation of old properties;

- Ensure whether house is eligible for a Government improvement grant.

Buying a new village house

If you want to buy a new property, you may find a new village house. Some developers or individuals may offer such houses in villages close to the town. Buying a house, ensure you will get a title deed for this property. The prices may vary depending on the location and the view. Keep in mind that houses close to the towns and famous resorts with panoramic views are usually more expensive than remote ones.

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