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Doing Your Own Letting

Some landlords prefer to let a property to their family, friends and colleagues as it allows them to have more control and hope that the property will also look better after all – even if this is illegal in Cyprus without official documentation.

Actually, the best way to get a high rental income is usually to manage it yourself, though many owners prefer to use a letting agency and to do their own marketing in their home country.

Consider on whether you want to let your property to smokers or accept small children or pets. Some owners do not want to let to young, single groups as well. However you have to keep in mind that these restrictions will reduce your letting prospects.

Rental Rates & Deposits

Consider on realistic rent, as the competition is high and bear in mind that, although you do not have to pay commission to an agent, you must take into account for the cost of maintenance and the other services an agent normally provides.

It is vital to add a returnable deposit as loss and breakages prevention.


If you have decided to let a property yourself, there is a wide range of newspapers and magazines where you can advertise. Many newspapers and magazines contain advertisements from property owners. However, most of the owners consider it expensive to advertise a single property in a national newspaper or magazine.

Cheaper and possibly more effective option is to advertise your property in online directories and websites, where you pay for the advertisement and deal with the bookings yourself. These need to be arranged a year before you have decided to rent your property.

You may also advertise your property among your friends and colleagues, in company and club magazines and in shops and public places.

It is not necessary to advertise only in your local area, as you can extend your marketing abroad. Although a telephone answering machine and a fax is required.


A personalized website is an excellent option where you can add photographs of the property, booking forms and maps and all required information about your property. It is recommended to provide information about car rental, flights, local events, sports, facilities and links to other websites.

You website should be easy to navigate as well as contain email and other contact details. It might be a good idea to exchange links with other websites, because this will increase your chances to appear via an internet search (e.g. with Google).

Brochures & Leaflets

Colored brochures and leaflets will help your marketing campaign. They should contain external and internal pictures, description of the property, the exact location and local events.

Handling Enquiries

If you are planning to let a home yourself, you will have to decide how to deal with enquiries about flights and car hire. It is easier to let clients make booking themselves, but you should be able to provide them information about, travel agents and car hire companies.

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