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Easy Going People in Cyprus

One expression often used to characterise Cypriot people is easy going. This is a result of the value local people give to hospitality towards their fellow citizens and foreign visitors. In Cyprus, hospitality forms a fundamental part of the culture. A custom, dating back to ancient era, was about welcoming the visitors and the strangers to join for food and sometimes even offer a place to stay. This genuine and sincere hospitality is maintained in Cyprus until today. Every stranger is treated as a friend until the reverse is proven, while in other countries happens opposite. Therefore you will not find it difficult to make new friends.

Cypriots are free in the spirit; they are open and cordial, they are honest and straightforward. They are thoughtful and show truthful sympathy to your problems, but also offer to support. You will find that they are always smiling, regardless the problems they face.

For Cypriot people there are some institutions that are very important, such as family, religion and education. Family bonds are very strong and people in Cyprus feel very close to other people in their extended family. Children most of the times live with parents until they get married. The members of the extended family get together to celebrate holidays, or several ceremonies like weddings and christenings.

Religion is also very important for the people of Cyprus, especially the elderly, when younger people, though having taken in the values of family and religion, are also open-minded. Education is vital for people in order to become a supporting member of the society. Thus Cypriots are very keen on learning about other places in the world. They also enjoy conversations on politics and how things changed in time.

The values derived from these three dimensions (family, religion and education) are the main factors due to which Cypriots are warm and sociable. All over Cyprus visitors are happy to meet locals and leaving home with the best impressions, they choose again Cyprus for holidays or even to relocate and make this island a home away from home. 

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