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EU Residents

European Union (EU) consists of twenty-seven countries. Within EU countries, citizens are allowed to live, travel and work in any other European Union country. The citizens of the EU can freely travel between the other countries, as well as the have the right to work and retire in the country of their choice. In 1993 the 'Single Market' created stating that “people, money, services and good can freely move within the European Union”. At the moment the European Union provide these 'advantages' to more than 450 million EU citizens.


Citizenship vs. Residency:

There is an important difference between a resident and a citizen of any EU country. Citizenship in any country is usually gained through birth, marriage long-term residence or family relations. Only citizens of each country can obtain the country's passport and identification card. A EU resident has the legal right to live and work in any other EU country without any legal implications but he holds a foreign citizenship and a passport. A resident that gets married to a citizen can apply for the country's citizenship. However, different conditions may apply according to the particular situation or the rules and regulations of the country.


Requirements of Becoming a Cypriot Citizen

There are many reasons why a person who lives in Cyprus may want to change his citizenship. A third-country (non EU citizen) may want to get the Cypriot citizenship in order to obtain the European Union advantages such as traveling within the EU without any visa or the ability to work anywhere within the EU. However, the procedure of becoming a Cypriot citizen is exactly the same for both European and non-European citizens.


Registration due to a marriage to a Cypriot citizen

A person contacted a marriage to a Cypriot citizen can submit two copies of the M.125 application form after completing three years of marriage and harmonious cohabitation with the Cypriot spouse. However, this is not applicable if the alien enter or stay in Cyprus illegally.  The application must be submitted together with (1) the marriage certificate, (2) certificate of cohabitation of the two spouses, (3) applicant birth certificate, and (4) a good behavior certificate for the applicant issued by the Police Authorities in Cyprus


Acquisition by Naturalization

An adult person who legally reside in Cyprus for eight years of which the last five the person has been constantly living in the island. Persons who are group sport players, trainers, sport coaches, work in offshore company or have a Cypriot employer can also apply for a Cypriot citizenship if the constantly live in Cyprus for more than ten years during the last thirteen years. Persons who drop in to any of these categories must complete and submit the M.127 application form together with (1) a birth certificate of the applicant, (2) his/her passport, (3) a good behavior certificate from the Cypriot Police Authorities, (4) two personal photographs and (5) the person must publish his/her intention for neutralization within a Cypriot Newspaper for two continuous days.


Exceptional Situation: Turkish Cypriot

According to the Cypriot Consul, an exceptional condition was created for the northern part of Cyprus which is still remains outside of the Cyprus Government control since the incursion of Cyprus by  the Turkish troops in 1974. Therefore, the Cypriot Government continues to recognize citizenship and the right to citizenship for Turkish Cypriots while Cypriot passport can be issued to any person who can provide valid and proper documentation. However, the Republic of Cyprus does not consider as legitimate persons for Cypriot citizenship alien persons who have settle without permission and illegally in the part of Cyprus under the Turkish forces.


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