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How to Obtain Building Permit

Note: It is illegal to build any type of building on your own without construction permit.

Below you may find detailed information about procedures you have to follow if you are planning to build your own house or any other types of building.

1.  You have to ensure that you apply for a Planning Permit

In order to obtain it you have to request a copy of your site plan, which is mandatory as a reference to your application for the town Planning Permit.  To receive the copy, you have to refer to the Department of Lands and Surveys.  The procedure will take around one day.

2. Submit an application for the Town Planning Permit at the Town Planning Department

Filling in the application form you will need to state information including land title, final drafts of the plan, elevation (1/50 scale), site plan, topographical studies, surfaces and volumes, accessibility, fire emergency and explain the use of land. Make sure you submit with application copies of all the above documents.  The application will be filed in Town Planning Department and will be issued within 180 days.

3. Submit an application for Building Permit at the Municipality of your area

This type of application will be implemented within 180 days and the Town Planning Permit is a prerequisite.  Applicants have to submit the following references:

- Application Form;

- Civil Engineer Studies and Plans;

- Electrical Plans;

- Sewerage Plans;

-Water Plans;

-Insulation Studies;

-Document of the Contractor's Liability;

- Town Planning Permit included the documentation for the certain application;

Note: 1. You should have 2 set of copies of the documentation presented above.

2.  In order to issue your building permit the Municipality will forward your application with local agencies for approval. These agencies include telecom, archeological department, sewerage, municipality, public works and fire brigade.

After all the above applications are being issued you may start construction process.

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