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Initiation Of Construction Of The Impressive Multiplex

The ambitious project of the company Rotos Developers in Engomi which is a mixed development, including dormitories, dining rooms and cafes, spa and fitness facilities as well as parks, goes into orbit for implementation as from Monday, September 10th.

Indeed, known coffee chains from abroad who have been active in Cyprus, but also companies that will make their first steps in the domestic market through Rotos Building Society, have already secured space at the project.

It should also be noted that the company Rotos Developers through specialized survey conducted for the needs of the inhabitants of Nicosia, concluded that a multiplex consisted only of food and beverage outlets, that is targeted at all ages, is currently missing from the capital. Therefore, focus on the development of their new work is in catering and drinks businesses, in order to cover any gap that exists today.

It is noted that the area with restaurants, cafes and entertainment businesses will be covered, air-conditioned and with free parking. It will also create green spaces with a park designed to occupy land as an educational tale.

Agreement was made for the gym, pool and spa with the company Spa Creators Ltd. This company has undertaken similar projects in different countries. Nevertheless, between other projects implemented by the company is the spa of Aphrodite Hills, the gym and spa in the Limassol Marina and the new Sunrise Pearl Hotel in Protaras.

The work gets "flesh and bones" since after securing the necessary permits from the government, the construction work initiate on Monday, September 10th. The total project will be completed in two phases: The dormitories will be ready in August 2013 and the multipurpose building in April 2014.