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Newspapers and Magazines

In the research for your dream property, related newspapers and magazines can be very helpful. Newspapers were maybe the first means to advertise and promote ones property on one hand and on the other hand to find a property. Traditionally many people look through the newspapers and the property magazines to find any kind of property whether they need it for private use or for investment.

A Newspaper is very easy to find and also is a cheap way to find information for many properties available for sale. Probably your local daily or weekly newspaper features a Property Section with several ads. Newspaper ads are nowadays usually available online if the newspaper has an online version.

Many national and print magazines cater directly to the residential landlord. You have unquestionably seen them in racks next to newspapers on the street. Listing in a national magazine generally makes most sense for large landlords with multiple properties. If you find a local magazine that has lots of listings, you may want to use it to derive some information about the available properties and the current owners.

The section of the classified ads is featured in many newspapers and is a good way to find offers on resale property. If you have already decided the location of your dream property you can try to search the ads on the local newspapers as well. This is ideal if you want to make a more targeted research.

Newspapers and magazines carry a large amount of advertisements from estate agents in Cyprus, as the island stands amongst the most popular destinations for relocation and property investment. Property newspapers and magazines published in Cyprus, which are available weekly or monthly, can be found in News Agencies locally and abroad. The newspapers and magazines offer you a wide range of properties, several types and owners from different backgrounds.

In case you have a particular estate agent or Developer in mind, with good recommendations and critics you can try to find their magazine with listings of all their latest projects, with pictures from the exterior and interior, of each property. In most cases pricelists are also included in the magazines.

Before taking the leap to contact an Estate Agent, a developer or an owner directly, take your time and browse through the newspaper’s and magazines illustrated properties. Make comparisons according to your own criteria avoiding the pressure and influence of the agent or the owner. This will help you understand exactly how you want your property to be and have a clear idea of it when you will eventually contact the people involved in purchasing process.

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