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Non-Eu Nationals Permit to Buy a Property

Citizens of Non-EU Member States are restricted to purchase only one property in Cyprus, provided of course they are permanent citizens of the county. Cyprus Law states that only one property is allowed per marital status. In exceptional circumstances however, this might change and a permit for the acquisition of a second property might be issued, under the provision that valid reasons are given to justify the purchase of a second property (for example, the second property is to be used as a holiday home).

Citizens of Non-EU Member States need to apply – either in person or through a lawyer – to the District Administration Office in the area where the property is situated in order to gain permission to buy land or property. Apart from the application form, applicants must also supply information about themselves including their financial status, details of the property and the present owner. They also need to include a copy of their passport, the sale contract and the terms of payment.

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