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Planning Amnesty

The minister of the interior Eleni Mavrou considers unsatisfactory the number of applications submitted so far by the public for planning amnesty. The minister attended the meeting of the House Interior Committee, which views were exchanged on matters of the Ministry.

According to the Minister, the declarations of intent have been filed have exceeded eleven thousand, but he said there is still much room as the building for which they should have submitted applications for amnesty are calculated between 125 and 130 000. '' Although it is a large number of statements filed cannot consider it satisfactory'' he added.

In today's meeting there were suggestions in terms of MPs, he said on the directions which should be directed public awareness on the part of the Ministry.

The Home Secretary said that in terms of the Ministry will pay greater attention to information, giving specific data and will turn to foreign buyers who may not have even informed of this possibility.

Replying to a question, Mrs Mavrou said she has not reached the world the message that non-submission of planning application for amnesty implies sanctions,'' for what we attach great importance to the cooperation of local authorities which are responsible for planning and building control violations.''

Importantly, suggested by Mrs Mavrou, have understood the owner of an unlicensed building that will have impact and are most likely at the end of the process need no longer pay a solution.

'' Once a building continues to wrongdoing, the planning and building authorities should take legal action, complaining of wrongdoing in court,'' said the Minister.

Mrs Mavrou pointed out that urban amnesty provides a unique opportunity for citizens to acquire modernized deeds and said the process is relatively simple, and with the help of an architect or civil engineer may submit applications in detail and made sooner was given to the applicant the opportunity to utilize the discounts provided.

From the initial monitoring applications has been approved, where the cost growth factor alone, because the other no-cost, it is unrealistic, said Mrs Mavrou adding that'' with property prices now someone would say that is very favorable.''

He also noted that the timely filing of applications enables exploiting discounts and added that it is important to deposit at least directly, declarations of intent to be possible for the applicant to prepare a detailed request.

Asked if they considered the possibility of changing provisions in the legislation for the new building, Ms Mavrou said that the most serious deficiencies are not in law but the implementation and monitoring of legislation.