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Pool and Garden Care

Cyprus Swimming Pool Cleaning Services

If you have a swimming pool, Cyprus property management companies will provide a full range of swimming pool maintenance. During the summer they usually visit your pool twice a week and in the winter period once a week, although you may arrange other schedule.

What are the services, provided by pool cleaning companies? Swimming pool maintenance usually requires:

- Water level inspection and adjustment, if applicable;

- Vacuuming of the floor in the pool;

- Washing the sides of the pool;

- Clearing of the pool surface;

- Checks of the temperature;

- Removal of the tide lines;

- Cleaning of the pool skimmer filter traps;

- Checks of the water Ph, chlorine and salt levels and balancing, if applicable;

- Anti-algae treatment

- Rinsing of the main filter and trap cleaning;

- Cleaning and maintaining of the surrounding areas of the pool

- Decaling where it is required;

- Adjustments of the time control switch (seasonal);

These companies may also provide a swimming pool repair service, if required. Repairs fee depends on the equipment they have used and the time required.

Garden Maintenance Services in Cyprus

If you have a large or a small garden, its maintenance in Cyprus requires constant management due to the climate on the island. The heat in the summer months is significant so that the plants require in the most cases an automatic sprinkling water system.

Companies dealing with the garden maintenance may offer you a complete package from initial design and plans that are following your thoughts and ideas to creation of the most beautiful and practical garden.

Information below might be useful as for owners of the garden as for those that are just planning to have one.

Garden Design

Company’s representative will arrange an appointment at your home to discuss about garden location and plans in order to meet your requirements and budget.

Installation of the Garden

Once all the plans will be corrected and approved they will proceed an installation of the garden.

Garden Maintenance

The initial garden maintenance is very important in order to ensure it is healthy. Due to the constant growth of the garden and the lawn, garden maintenance company has to monitor continuously its progress and make fine adjustments of high quality for your enjoyment and pleasure.

Most of the companies offer she services as pulling all weeds, cutting bushes, trimming trees, insecticide spraying, lawn mowing, providing the necessary nutrition that will keep your garden healthy and update the watering program depending on the season.

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