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Renovation of the Filoxenia Conference Center

An important national target for Cyprus is to carry out a successful Presidency of the EU Council, said President Demetris Christofias, inaugurating the modern conference facilities in Hospitality. Speaking at the inauguration ceremony, President Christofias noted that the biggest challenge that we all should win is the appropriate use even after the Cypriot presidency later this year.The President stressed that a successful presidency will be accumulated reserve standing and cooperation within the European Union, which will allow us to cash and then called all - political parties, organized groups and ordinary citizens-a commitment of and cooperation for the successful outcome of this patriotic duty.

``It gives me great pleasure to be here to celebrate the inauguration of the renovated "Filoxenia" Conference Center and "CyPress" Press Center. The premises of this modern Conference Centre will be the beating heart of Cyprus Mr Christofias said.

On these premises over 100 meetings involving more than 20,000 people from all EU countries will be organized. The President stressed that for the first time there is political will and determination to tackle the major challenge of perfectly conducting a successful presidency.`` I firmly believe that achieving this national goal will further highlight and confirm the role that Cyprus can play in European affairs, `` he said. He continued to say that the presiding country is essentially responsible for the overall organization and functioning of the work of the Council and is responsible for managing the Council agenda and undertakes to organize and chair all ministerial meetings and meetings of various working groups, Council, the Treaty states that fall within the purview of the six-month, rotating presidency.

In this context, continued the President, the Presidency is promoting legislative initiatives that originate primarily from the European Commission negotiates and compromises between the Member States and by Member States. ` Undoubtedly, for the completion of these activities, the current presiding country is required to have the required Building infrastructure. Infrastructure that can accommodate various meetings and also provide appropriate working conditions and hospitality to both participants and officials in the press, which cover a continuous basis all processes, he said.In retrospect, he said that the preparation of Cyprus for taking this important requirement began in 2007 with the activation of the relevant government departments towards the preparation of appropriate context information to make good decisions and determining actions to enable the successful outcome of the effort.

Then he said, the Cabinet decided to establish working groups with different jurisdictions each, thus covering the whole range of issues and processes that require preparation. The preparation of suitable building facilities that can accommodate the Cypriot presidency was one of the first issues that were launched to implement, he said. President Christofias said that under the coordinating role of the Department of Public Works of the Ministry of Communications and Works visits abroad were recorded and coded the experiences of other countries that had the EU presidency and were finalized in places the needs and infrastructure.

Next, we studied and evaluated potential sites in Cyprus that could be used for purposes of building adequate infrastructure. He said the completion of all the above processes led to the Cabinet decision dated February 26, 2009, for recovery of the Conference Center and part of the building of the former hotel "hospitality", as the building facilities to accommodate the island's president. President Christofias said that the implementation of the above decision was assigned to the Department of Public Works, which, assuming a coordinating role, in cooperation with other relevant government departments, should go to the renovation of these spaces to be converted into a modern conference center, suitable To meet the needs of the Cypriot presidency.

`` The successful and timely completion of this ambitious project, whose inauguration teloume today is a crucial step in the completion of an effort that began in 2007, `` he said. Referring to the premises, said to include a wide range of environments, equipment, facilities and necessary infrastructure, and have adequate facilities for processing different kinds of meetings required, namely high-level meetings, meals and labor ministers meeting of the working groups. They also have modern conference equipment, as well as infrastructure for interpretation in the required number of languages. There are areas suitable employment for members of delegations, equipped with the necessary infrastructure office. In the Press "CyPress" includes press room interviews Jean Monnet, a good number briefing room (briefing rooms) and well designed and equipped workplaces for workers of the press who will cover extensively and continuously all the work will take place here.

For the hosting of national representatives and representatives of EU institutions, and officers of the press, including premises and properly formatted capacity sufficient to restaurants, cafes and lounges. According to President Christofias, another important part of the project are the facilities for the host broadcaster (Host Broadcaster), which is responsible for the production and distribution of television coverage of the processes. This role is undertaken by the Cyprus Broadcasting Corporation called to show once the manifold supply of public broadcasting in our country, `` he said. The President said that these areas are under the continuous control of the police, and for this purpose there are facilities and equipment serving the security plans. Additionally, he said that with due regard to resource crunch due to the global economic crisis continues to plague even Europe, the Government proceeded with caution, planning and proper balancing of priorities as the most comprehensive possible preparation for a successful response to the great challenge of taking over the presidency.

`` It is not necessary to emphasize that a significant part of the budget for the outcome of this national effort was spent to renovate the Conference Center "Hospitality" and Center Releases "CyPress". Consciously we invest in the future, `` he noted, adding that `` we are inaugurating today modern conference facilities that can meet the conference needs of the country for many years `. According to President Christofias, the big bet that everyone will have to win is the appropriate use of space in the public interest and after they dropped the curtain of the Cyprus Council Presidency at the end of this year.He congratulated the staff of the Department of Public Works of the Ministry of Communications and Works, who coordinated the whole effort and oversaw the successful implementation and thanked the Department of Electrical and Mechanical Services, the Secretary of the Cyprus EU Presidency, the Press and Information Department of Information Technology Services, The Cyprus Broadcasting Corporation and the Police who cooperated with the Department of Public Works and contributed to the successful completion of the project.

`` I congratulate my friend Minister of Communications and Works Efthimios Flourentzos under the political guidance of successfully completed this project jewel for our country, `` he said. Finally, President Christofias congratulated warmly the construction company and its partners that renovated the center.