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Voting in Cyprus

The right to vote in a any country, generally concludes from citizenship. Most of the countries reserved the right to vote for those who have the citizenship of the country.

Although there are some countries, that provide extended right to vore to non-citizens. Such rights are mostly restricled or limited in a wayor another, and vary from country to country.

As it was mentiones in the Local Elections Act (Ν.98(Ι)/2004), EU residents are allowed to vote at local elections. They should register, and once they are done, they are allowed to vote like Cypriots. EU voters cannot be elected as chairman of the council or a mayor. Although, by the Law on Election of Members to the European Parlament N.10(I)/2004, EU residents are allowed to vote and to be elected at the European Parliament elections.

Every person that intend to vote should be at least 18 years old and every national over 25 years old is allowed to stand as a candidate for Member of the European Parliament.

Registration to vote must be made separately for each election. Registration in any election does not automatically qualify a voter for the other election.

How to Register for Municipal Elections

Every EU citizen that wishes to vote in municipal elections should submit an application in order to enter on the special electoral roll.

You can obtain an application in the local regional administration at any time.

An EU citizen will remain on this roll as long as he is resident in Cyprus, though he can be removed from the electoral rolls if he sumbits an

application to the regional administration 15 days before the elections.

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