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What is Included in Inspection Trips

Once you have made the decision to buy Cyprus property it is time to book your Inspection trip. An inspection trip is a special offer that gives you a chance to visit Cyprus without obligations and to see selected properties and developments. Property representative will provide you full information about property, its features, amenities and the buying process.

What you should know about the inspection trip:

- The inspection trip is a trip for a period of up to 2 – 3 days where a client is picked up from airport, housed in a hotel and is constantly occupied by the Agents’ sales staff, so that the client cannot look at other properties or visit an independent solicitor and to compare with other properties on the market.

- Agencies that offer an inspection trip may charge up to 15% commission, which is illegal by Cyprus law where maximum commission is 5%.

What is Included in an Inspection Trip?

All inspection trips arrangements are usually made by the individual agent and they include:

- Flights to Cyprus;

- Hotel accommodation with breakfast;

- Airport transfers;

- Representative of the agent or developer in order to show you the property;

- Performance of the local area;

- All legal issues explained;

- Opened bank accounts;

- Introduction to solicitors and lawyers;

Not all companies offer free or financially supported inspection trips though if possible they will try to refund the expenses.

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